Department of international economics


The educational process at the Department of International Economics of NTUU “KPI” has a practical side. Academic staff of the department regularly organizes students’ excursions to industrial enterprises, scientific and technical and research institutions, government agencies and other organizations. In particular, students attend thematic public hearings in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, the National Bank […]

Summary of Bachelor’s courses of International Economics Department of NTUU “KPI”

There are Work Practice, Research Practice and Pre-diploma Practice – professional training of students, one of the most important component of the curriculum. The content of the practice is determined by the educational-professional characteristics and educational-professional programs of preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters within the specialization “International Economics”. The curriculum preparation of bachelors provides […]

2020 year Bachelor in International Economics Master in International Economics Master in Management in the Sphere of Military-Industrial Complex PhD in Economics   previous years Bachelor in International Economics Master in International Economics (1 year 4 month) Master in International Economics (1 year 9 month) PhD in Economics  

According to the key tasks of preparing specialists, scientific-educational work of the Department is based on five main directions: Economics One of the essential skills of an economist, an engineer, a manager is an ability to make well-founded decisions. The main instruments of substantiation are economic calculations, first of all, estimation of engineering and economic […]