Research groups « Department of international economics

Research groups

The Department of International Economics has two research groups working in different areas of economic research. The results of the work of the research groups are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international conferences.

  1. FMM-01 “Mechanisms of industrial enterprises development”, scientific adviser – Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleh Havrysh
    The scientific group works in the field of industrial production, energy, education, marketing and management and can provide the following scientific services:
    -provide advice and systematic analysis on economics, entrepreneurship, business, consulting, analysis, strategy, competitiveness, management, profitability, productivity;
    -conduct applied research in the field of industrial production, energy, education, marketing and management.
  2. FMM-02 International scientific and technical cooperation on the basis of Industry 4.0 and the world economy, supervisor: Head of the Department of International Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor Serhii Voitko
    Specialization: Economic processes of international innovation development and international scientific and technical cooperation, 051 Economics (08.00.02, 08.00.04)
    Description: Systemic and structural analysis of the functioning of mega-, macro- and microeconomic systems, taking into account the trends of Industry 4.0, Society 5.0 and circular economy, as well as the flow of processes of the world economy and conducting foresight studies on the development of international economic relations, international trade, international capital flows, international labor migration, international technology transfer and integration processes in the global dimension.