Department of international economics


Summary of Bachelor’s courses of International Economics Department of NTUU “KPI”

There are Work Practice, Research Practice and Pre-diploma Practice – professional training of students, one of the most important component of the curriculum. The content of the practice is determined by the educational-professional characteristics and educational-professional programs of preparation of bachelors, specialists and masters within the specialization “International Economics”. The curriculum preparation of bachelors provides […]

2020 year Bachelor in International Economics Master in International Economics Master in Management in the Sphere of Military-Industrial Complex PhD in Economics   previous years Bachelor in International Economics Master in International Economics (1 year 4 month) Master in International Economics (1 year 9 month) PhD in Economics  

According to the key tasks of preparing specialists, scientific-educational work of the Department is based on five main directions: Economics One of the essential skills of an economist, an engineer, a manager is an ability to make well-founded decisions. The main instruments of substantiation are economic calculations, first of all, estimation of engineering and economic […]