On October 10, 2023, the professors of the Department of International Economics held another international webinar from the series of lectures of the Academy of Digital Technologies and Entrepreneurship, organized by within the framework of cooperation with the Alliance of Twin Cities Universities of Guangzhou – Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities (GISU) on the topic: “LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRY 4.0 PRODUCTS BASED ON CIRCULAR ECONOMY”. 
The webinar lecturers were faculty members from the Department of International Economics:
Serhii Voitko, Head of the Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor, delivered a lecture on “TECHNICAL MEANS OF INDUSTRY 4.0 IN PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT.”
Natalya Skorobogatova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, presented a lecture on “CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT.”
Anna Kukharuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor, discussed “PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT: FROM INSIGHT TO ACTION.”
Olena Korohodova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, explored “Circular Product Design and Development 4.0.”
The lecture topics generated lively interest among the audience and received positive feedback from colleagues.