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Attention! New requirements for dissertations! See the Див. Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 12, 2017 No. 40 (pdf from website
The department provides training in the following specialties:
  • 051 “Economics”, which is part of the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education and field of knowledge – 05 “Social and behavioral sciences”

Educational Programs (ERPs)

(temporary standard of higher education)


Discussion of the ONP

Reviews and testimonials

Disciplines taught

Mandatory (normative) educational components

Philosophical foundations of scientific activity (syllabus) Foreign language for scientific activity (syllabus) World economy (syllabus) Theory of Economic Systems Analysis (syllabus) Neoclassical models of economic processes (syllabus) Change management and business transformation (syllabus) Organization of research and innovation activities (syllabus) Pedagogical practice (syllabus) Selective components of the 2020 EPP in the specialty 051 “Economics”

Elective educational components

F-catalog of elective disciplines of the ONP “051 Economics” (admission 2020) F-catalog of elective disciplines of the ONP “051 Economics” (admission 2019)

A survey of PhD students

Results of the survey of applicants of the third educational and scientific level Review of the educational and scientific program in the specialty 051 “Economics” Analysis of the Survey of Applicants for the Third Educational and Scientific Level of Higher Education of the ONP “Economics” Results of the survey of applicants for the third educational and scientific level of higher education in the field of Economics – Socio+ Report on the results of the survey on the need for changes to the OPP in the specialty 051 “Economics”

Dissertation topics for applicants of 2017-2020 enrollment

List of dissertation topics with a note about the supervisors and the date of approval
Publications of applicants for higher education of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Official documents

Information on academic mobility

Video portfolio of the department