History of the department « Department of international economics

History of the department

Systematized economic and organizational training of engineers at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute began seventy years ago, in 1937, when the Department of Organization of Production and Industrial Economics was founded. The implementation of economic and organizational training of engineers is clearly divided into four stages.

The first stage (1937–1950) is characterized by the teaching of short courses in economic and organizational disciplines (20-30 hours) mainly by part-time teachers. Associate Professor IE Rosenberg became the first head of the department. In the postwar period, the department was headed by Associate Professor EM Balakin.

The second stage (1950-1970) is associated with the active work of the former chief engineer of the Kyiv Machine Tool Plant, associate professor, and then professor, doctor of economics MM Lych. This coincided with the arrival of young energetic full-time teachers, who formed five industry sections. The management of the sections is provided to qualified teachers who have previously held senior positions in industries. At this time there was a transition to the separation of teaching disciplines “Economics of the industry” and “Organization, planning, and management of the enterprise”, which formed methodological support and began to actively develop scientific activities.

The third stage (1970–1992) can be considered the intensification of the department’s activities in all areas: increasing the number and qualification of teaching staff; implementation of end-to-end economic and organizational training of future engineers; organization of economic education of industry executives of the Kyiv region; preparation and publication of monographs, textbooks, teaching, and methodological manuals; development of interuniversity and international relations. During this period, the heads of the department were Professor MM Leach (1970-1976), Associate Professor AE Rosenplenter (1976-1988), and Associate Professor VF Shudra (1988-1992).

The fourth stage (since 1992) is related to the establishment and operation of the Faculty of Management and Marketing. In early 1992, the Department of “Economics and Organization of Machine-Building Production” was established, which provided economic and organizational training for students of mechanical engineering, engineering and physics, welding, instrumentation and chemical engineering, and such consolidation is still valid. Since 2000, the department also serves the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and partly the Institute of Telecommunication Systems. Today the department provides educational processes at technical faculties in two basic disciplines of economic theory and economics and organization of production. In addition, the following disciplines are taught at some faculties: economics of industry; organization of production management; economics of welding production; economics of renewable production; organization, management, and design of welding production; management of telecommunication systems.

In 2002, the department received a license to train specialists in “International Economics” and was renamed the Department of International Economics. Currently, the department trains bachelors, specialists, and masters in this specialty.

At the time of the faculty’s establishment, the head of the department was A. Rosenplenter, professors, doctors of sciences Panchenko M., Kozachenko S., associate professors, candidates of sciences Volotovsky S., Devtereva T., Zadorozhny E., Zapunny O., Kanchenko T., Krivda V., Meshkova L., Nikitina N., Olabina G., Slipomoriy R., Titov L. , Traskovsky V., Khartiants B., Tchaikovsky M., Shur I., senior teachers Biletskaya M., Yeltyshev V., Kuzmenko L., Levitskaya T. , Panisheva T., Shelamova I., assistants Chernenko L., Buyan V., Chalova O., head of the laboratory Mkhitaryan A. and specialist of the 1st category Melnyk T. From 1998 to 2009 the department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor V. Gerasimchuk. From 2009 to 2016, the department was headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Marketing, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor O. Gavrish. And since 2016 it has been headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor S. Voitko.