Students studying at “International Economics” are able to:
  • analyze factors of external and internal environment;
  • perfom market researches;
  • design business and governmental economic strategies;
  • make economic assessments and economic background of innovations and investment projects;
  • design mechanisms and estimate the effeciency of international cooperation;
  • solve accounting and analytical tasks on international commercial transactions;
  • organize and control the execution of international agreements.
Specialist in international economics can work as head of economic departments of different legal forms of businesses, as expert and consultant on foreign trade, adviser and representative in international organizations, commercial and industrial chambers, subsidiaries of foreign companies, joint ventures, embassies, governmental offices. Graduates of the International Economics Department successfully realize themselves in various sectors of the economy. Our specialists work in the foreign department of the Ukrainian companies, joint ventures, institutions and organizations of foreign economic spheres of activity in the divisions of the multinational corporations, the administrative apparatus of enterprises and organizations, insurance companies, consulting organizations, banks, structures of the central and regional governments, research and production and technical complexes, financial and industrial groups, technology parks, research institutes and centers conducting research on the state of world commodity and financial markets, the development of integration and globalization processes. Many graduates are headed or included in the administrative apparatus of big national and multinational corporations, working in groups on the implementation of international projects in Ukraine, international organizations, in particular the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others.