Specifically, we maintain our partnership with KPMG, an international network of independent firms that offer auditing, tax, and consulting services. On 19th December 2023, KPMG specialists and Natalia Skorobogatova, associate professor of the Department of International Economics, participated in an open lecture on the topic of ‘Financial Reporting: Preparation and Analysis’ for students of the 051 ‘Economics’ specialty at the Faculty of Management and Marketing. Yehor Novikov, an experienced audit specialist at KPMG in Ukraine, explained to the students the composition and purpose of financial reporting, its main elements, and principles of preparation, and demonstrated the peculiarities of analysing and interpreting financial reporting data using real-life examples. During the lecture, students were able to learn about the methodology for completing and analysing reporting forms. They also had the chance to test their knowledge by taking a test at the end of the lecture. We would like to thank Kateryna Polishchuk and Yehor Novikov, experts from KPMG in Ukraine, for organizing and providing with valuable information.   1 1 1 1