Information about the project Industry 4.0 (Ukraine – Norway) Basic information: Project Number: CPEA-LT-2017/10047 Project Name: NTNU-KPI Collaboration within Industry 4.0 Education Partner: NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO-NTNU), Campus: Campus Gjøvik, Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering Performers in the KPI: Department of International Economics and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering Igor Sikorsky KPI. Within the framework of the project, the staff of the department develops materials for the courses: “Experts in teamwork”, Assoc. Professor Grinko I.; “Industry 4.0”, Professor Voitko S.; “Manufacturing Management”, Assoc. Professor Naraevsky S.; “Product Development”, Assoc. Professor Korogodova A.; “Project work”, Assoc. Professor Kukharuk A., Assoc. Professor Skorobogatova N.   Designed lecture courses “Management of international business projects. Industry 4.0 ”(Associate Professor A. Kukharuk), academic year 2019-2020: US-91mp, 5 year, in Russian; US-92mp, 5 year, in English. “Logistics in Industry 4.0” (Professor S. Voitko), academic year 2019-2020: AM-71, 3 year, in Russian; AM-61 4 course, in Ukrainian   Additional Information: Textbook: S. Voitko. Project and startup management in industry 4.0: a textbook / S. V. Voitko. – Kiyv: Igor  Sikorsky KPI, 2019. 200 p. Transformation of ZVO in the conditions of Industry 4.0: reflections inspired by the conference The opening of the Center for Industry 4.0 on the basis of the Igor Sikorsky KPI Summer School in Gjøvik, Norway Lecture by teachers of the Department of International Economics at the Summer School in Norway All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Higher education institutions – market: cooperation in the age 4.0” Development of Technical Universities – December Conferences Results