1. Coordination of the activities of teachers, graduate students and students of the Department of International Economics, which is associated with their participation in international cooperation
1.1 Creation of a mini-international office at the department and the formation of a team of persons responsible for key areas of international activity in the regions of the world 1.2 Differentiation of international activities of the Department of International Economics in the regions of the world. Expansion of cooperation with European countries, Arab countries, China, other countries 1.3 Support and organization of academic mobility of applicants for higher education and employees of the department 1.4 Study of international experience and the experience of leading universities in the world in the preparation of specialists in the profile of the department and its use in the educational process
  1. Expanding the areas of the department’s participation in influential international organizations, projects, programs, creating joint structures with international organizations
2.1 Cooperation in the educational laboratory of the world economy, regional studies and microeconomics at the World Data Center on Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development 2.2 Cooperation with the public organization World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, which is the assignee of the Central-East European Institute for Sustainable Development 2.3 Participation in the implementation of scientific work on order or with the participation of foreign partners, participation in the implementation of international projects, programs 2.4 Organization, participation in international conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions, including in foreign countries
  1. Improving the quality of training of non-resident personnel for foreign countries and increasing the credibility of Igor Sikorsky KPI in the global and domestic educational services markets
3.1 In order to provide English-language master’s and bachelor’s programs, prepare supporting abstracts of lectures, practical classes and other types of activities in disciplines in English 3.2 Introduction of English-language education in the magistracy and bachelor 3.3 Support for relations with foreign graduates of the department