Scientific and practical conference “International scientific and technical cooperation: principles, mechanisms, efficiency”

The international conference has been held by the Department of International Economics since 2005. Purpose: discussion of actual problems and methods of organization for effective international scientific and technical cooperation Topics:
  1. Engineering and economic provision for sustainable development of the country and the world: theory, methodology, practice
  2. The role of the state in the development of international scientific and technical cooperation
  3. National Innovation Systems and Industry-4.0: Problems of Formation and Efficiency
  4. Scientific and technical cooperation as a factor of increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine’s industry
  5. Status and trends of development of financial instruments of international scientific and technical cooperation

Scientific and practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists “The effectiveness of engineering solutions in instrumentation”

The Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering (PBF) and Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM) founded сonference in 2005. It covers the economic component of the engineering training of specialists for work in high-tech, knowledge-intensive spheres of the national economy.  

Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Creation, protection and commercialization intellectual property law objects»

Institute of Mechanical Engineering (MMI), Faculty of Sociology and Law (FSP) and Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM) founded сonference in 2018.  It covers the creation, protection and commercialization of intellectual property and is dedicated to the International Day of Intellectual Property. Topics:
  1. Intellectual property law and information law: relationship.
  2. Patent case in Ukraine.
  3. Protection and examination of intellectual property.
  4. Identification of problems of violation of intellectual property rights and ways to solve them: international and domestic experience.
  5. Protection and disposal of intellectual property rights in innovation.
  6. Commercialization of intellectual property rights.
  7. Technology transfer.
  8. Unfair competition in the field of intellectual property.
  9. Copyright protection in social networks.

All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Higher education institutions – market: cooperation in the age 4.0”

On December 17, 2019, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Higher Education Institutions – Market: Cooperation in the Age of 4.0” was held in Igor Sikorsky KPI. The conference was attended by members of the Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises Ukraine, scientists, young scientists, graduate students and students of Igor Sikorsky KPI, other higher educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as representatives of industrial and commercial enterprises. The aim of the conference is to exchange achievements of community members in the field of national Industry 4.0 – the development of new training courses, the introduction of joint innovative developments in industry, etc.