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Scientific circles of the department of international economics

Name Supremo Registration
1 Organizational and economic mechanism of business development


Doctor of technical science, prof. O. Gavrish Order 1/277 of 15.09.2020
2 Economics of high-tech enterprises Doctor of Economics, prof. S. Voitko Order 1/278 of 15.09.2020
3 Global context of industrial development Doctor of Economics, prof. V. Herasymchuk Order 1/279 of 15.09.2020
4 Development of international business in the context of globalization Doctor of Economics, prof. O. Okhrimenko Order 1/276 of 15.09.2020
5 The economic dimension of sustainable development Doctor of Economics, Associate prof. I. Haidutskyi Order 1/275 of 15.09.2020